Provides cleaning service activities for customer’s residence such as sweeping, dusting, cleaning the kitchens and bathrooms as well as cleaning other rooms. There are 2 cleaning category, which are general cleaning that is a regular cleaning that we will do routinely and deep cleaning, the more m thorough cleaning, suitable for customers who just do renovations and those who will occupy or vacate their residence.

We also provide other services such as hydrocleaning mattresses to remove dust and mites, marble polishing, and shampooing sofas and carpets. Clean Inc will provide all equipment and chemical that is required, so customers do not need to prepare anything.

In this category, our customers are companies. There are several types of services that we can provide. For example, collaborating with the contractor to do a deep cleaning of the building which will be handed over to the owner / building management, collaborating with the property agent to clean the unit that will be shown to their customers (show unit). As well as office gathering amd many else.

For Outsourcing, we provide the cleaning service manpower and also cleaning equipment. We have a role to manage all the cleaners that working at our customers area, including insurance, holiday allowances and uniform. We act as an outsourcing company that will handle public areas, such as apartment’s lobbies, hospitals area, malls / shopping centers, factories and office buildings.

The price we offer is varied and can be tailored to customer demand. Number of manpower, equipment and machinery required will also affect the price offered. There is no minimum amount of manpower that must be met by the customer. We serve from 1 labor in an area because we understand the needs of each customer.

We also provide cleaning service for events. This event cleaning is already include manpower, chemicals, tools and equipment (if needed), just like the other services. We have served many kind of events, for example family event such as Birthday party and Wedding or engagement party. We also served big scale event such as product launching, fashion fair, culinary festival and political party event.

Other than cleaning services, we also have a professional hygiene service. We provide a one-stop service for delivery, installation and maintenance of hygiene equipment in your property, such as workspaces, public areas and toilets.

We realize the comfort and cleanliness of the property is one of many factors that determinant the continuity of our client’s business, therefore we strive to provide the best service that can support the cleaning service activities so that the cleanliness of your property is fully maintained and our client’s business activities can run well.